Can Anything Go Smoothly?

Lately it seems that I spend more time trying to complete something than necessary. Here’s a few examples from the last 4 days.

#1 – I applied for health insurance back on 10/27/11 to hold us over until I am working again. A week went by and I wasn’t sure where things were in the process. I logged into their site and it showed my application marked as “complete”. Does complete=approved? I came to find out it does not. Apparently, the company e-mailed me a rider to sign, or so they say. I never got it and it was not in my junk mail. So I had to sign it and then go someplace to fax it back. Actually, Julie did this for me. Sweet gal. Yesterday I called again to find out what is next. She told me it was sent on for approval….blah, blah, blah. Then I asked about the effective date. It’s effective from 10/28/11, as I requested. I don’t remember requesting anything like that, and since that date is long past, why would I want that? So now, if I want to move up the date, I need to write them a letter and fax it again. And there is no guarantee it will be approved. Worth the time? Oh yeah….and they didn’t bother telling me they increased the rate. D+ on communication.

#2 – Yesterday I decided to order Proactiv for my son, who is having a bad spell of acne. I figure it’s cheaper than hitting up a dermatologist first, who may end up prescribing a medication that will inspire my son to fly a plane into a small building. I decided I would try the overnight delivery for only $4 more as it seemed like a good value. It appeared to take nearly 2 weeks the other way. After I hit the button to check out, I noticed the pricing had me receiving overnight, but the shipping showed “standard”. Then I received an e-mail with a reduced price at the standard rate. What gives??? I then end up spending about 30 minutes chatting with a rep only to find out I can’t change it and I shouldn’t place a new order. Awesome.

#3 – I went to a store today to get my wife something for her birthday that she pointed out to me in the store’s catalog. I found the item in a different color, but not what was in the catalog. Two associates then spent a great deal of time looking in the store, backroom, etc. for the item I wanted, and I finally settled on the other item and said I would maybe exchange it if they get the other one in or come back after her birthday if she doesn’t like the one I got. I left my name and number. It’s only 5 minutes from the house and when I walked in, Mitchell tells me the store called. Apparently they found the item right after I left. Not bad.

Can’t wait to find out what is next.

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