Nap No-No

Typically, when you need to be somewhere at a certain time and you want to take a nap beforehand, you either set an alarm to wake you up, use the nap feature on an alarm clock (who uses that? I never trust it.), OR tell someone to wake you up at a certain time. My wife really only uses the third option, and even then she only uses it about 1 out of every 10 times.

Tonight she came into the family room where I was on the computer and listening to music and said she was going to lay down for a bit because she was tired. She asked if she could turn off the lights and I reluctantly agreed. I asked if I could play music, and she said, “Yes, but lightly.” I turned it down, but after about 3-4 minutes, I was hearing her patented “Hunh-unh” sound, which means “turn it off.” So I did.

About 5 minutes later, Grace started yelling out her name. Rather than come look for Julie, she kept calling her. Finally, I got up to help her. She wanted to know how to spell “hedgehog.” I gave her the classic adult answer: “Why don’t you check the dictionary.” She responded with: “Why don’t you just tell me?” So, as usual, I proceeded to tell her an incorrect spelling. “K……”. This just made her even more frustrated, and she would have none of it. Typing in an “h”, she stated she knew it started with “h” and then I helped her sound it out.

I returned to my perch at the computer, watching a video on the KC Chiefs website that was more of a promotion of Paul Ruud and Rob Riggle than the team. But it was amusing. Julie had now been asleep for 30 minutes and I decided to take her up. She was very dazed and confused when she awoke, and it took her about 15 seconds to realize there was somewhere she needed to be. And then she said the dreaded words I didn’t want to hear: “How come you didn’t wake me up earlier?” Last time she takes a nap in the same room.

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