Supporting the Local Library

Today I met with a librarian to possibly do some volunteering and before I knew it I was there 2 hours doing work. One of my tasks will be to sort donated books and send them over to a warehouse to prepare for the next book sale, which won’t be until Spring 2012. I also did some sorting and shelving, which I enjoyed. Gives me an idea of what new (and old) books are out there that might be of interest to me. I also found several incorrectly shelved books. They want me to come back again, and now I also have the Mountain View Library calling. However, I don’t know how I will divide my time between the two libraries.

I was to take Grace roller skating tonight, but she was in a foul mood all day. She got better later in the day. Julie said she took a nap. She went with Julie and I to pick out boots for Julie for her birthday.

Speaking of birthday, Julie was not pleased with the preparation of a cake mix we bought earlier in the day. That’s what happens when you put an 11-year old in charge. I should have stepped in sooner.


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