Julie’s Birthday

Today is Julie’s birthday and we celebrated in style at the $1 theater to see “Contagion.” We weren’t too cheap since we splurged for popcorn and a drink. That evening we had the cake that was ruined the night before when she left it to Roman and Grace to make and me to “help.” I went into the kitchen and they needed help getting it to the pan. But I was not aware that this mixture that looked like frosting was supposed to go in the batter and Roman said he was never told, which really irritated Julie as she said she told him twice. Grace did make somewhat of an effort to tell us she thought we were supposed to do something with it, but I overrode her. Oops.

Julie’s present from my mom has been sitting in the our family room for over a month now so she was eager to open it. She liked my mom’s gifts, but one of the gifts was a bit of an oddity: CerealTop. It currently has a one-star rating on Amazon, though it’s based on only one review.

I got Julie a subscription to Artist’s Magazine, which she doesn’t remember asking for as a gift. I also got some earrings she picked out of a Coldwater Creek catalog and some boots we picked out together last night. You can only do so much on my “non-salary”, and that’s actually probably doing too much. But I did get $20 off at Coldwater Creek. Great deal!

I am typing this on the new monitor which arrived yesterday. It’s big and bright, and I can actually turn it off and not worry about if it will go on again. It looks like I will be receiving a new DirecTV receiver as well. Yesterday it overheated and today the fan has been running all day, even though I unplugged the receiver all night. And that fan is noisy! Sounds like a motorcycle going down the street. The bad part is I taped so much stuff on the DVR that I want to see and I will lose it all when I send it back.

The dog has some nasty bite marks on him that he has caused himself. Has to be fleas. And it looks like I will have to take him to the vet for a heartworm test. Never short of things to do.


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