When Not to Go Roller Skating

This past Monday I really had every intention of taking Grace roller skating. I love roller skating and there is a place in Kennesaw called Sparkles that has a special on Monday from 4pm-8pm. Not long ago it was $0.99 for admission during this time, but now it’s $2. The only drawback is that the location is not exactly close to us.

For some time, Julie was trying to arrange it to see if any of Grace’s friends wanted to meet us there. However, Monday was not Grace’s day. Early on, I could hear her crying because she couldn’t get her dresser drawer open. Then I heard her crying as she was doing school. Then she and I got into an argument because she wasn’t supposed to be eating Doritos until she finished her chore. It got so ridiculous that I finally told her no skating and the punishment was going to get worse if she didn’t stop talking back to me. Instead, she started screaming “I knew it! I knew it! I knew you wouldn’t go skating.” Moments later, I get an e-mail from Julie that she forwarded from a friend saying they were all going skating tonight. Oops.

As it turns out, I worked at the library a little longer than expected and wouldn’t have made it at 4pm. But then, if I had planned to go, I could have changed that easily. Since she was acting up with Julie today, I have already put her on “watch” for this coming Monday and hopefully she will get the message. It doesn’t help that she didn’t follow instructions to close the windows on the tree house in a rain storm. Kids.


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