Salary Comparison

Yesterday I was reading an article on Yahoo! Sports about the top 5 “value” NFL players. One of the players on the list was Aaron Rodgers, who makes $7.5 million a year, though if it’s like other NFL players, it probably differs per year and does not include bonuses. Also, what if they win the Super Bowl? Additional pay! Anyway, I don’t recall the case they made about how he would be considered a “value”, but they broke this down to a weekly pay level and it was something like $418,000. Again, this is per week. And here I am getting (from unemployment) $310/week. Wow. While my unemployment doesn’t even cover my monthly rent, I have no idea what I would do with all that money. Astounding. I doubt the lockout would have done much to change Rodgers’s lifestyle.

Speaking of NFL players, I just installed an application after having DirecTV for a year that allows me to watch on my computer. I just saw the Falcons’ Michael Turner bust a sweet 35-yard run. Go Falcons!


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