The Good Ole Days

While I was volunteering at the library this past Friday, the librarian was explaining to me where certain materials were shelved in the library. As we were looking at the books on CD, she came across a couple Books on Tape items that were placed with the CDs. She said this happens quite a bit and then asked me if I knew what cassettes were. I wasn’t sure if I should take that as a compliment. She made a similar comment when showing me the VHS tapes.

I must say I really enjoy shelving books, especially the non-fiction, because I am learning where certain types of books (ex: cookbooks) can be found in the library without having to consult the library search, unless I am looking for a specific book. Ad I can get to some of the new items before others have the chance. Sweet deal. If only I got paid. But if it means more books for the library, then I am all for it.


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