Thanksgiving Weekend Over…Christmas Around the Bend

I can’t believe how quickly the last 3 days moved. Crazy. And here I am up late again. I am checking Xanga to get some insight on what went on the two previous days, but alas, it didn’t help. Sunday was a football day, watching both the Falcons and the Patriots win decisively. I also finished “Gamble” by Felix Francis while watching football. This evening we watched “Breaking Bad” (first time in a long time) and I just finished watching the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” about 30 minutes ago.

The dog almost got to go out 3 times today, but when I decided to take him out, it was raining. I played a game of backgammon with Grace tonight while watching Tim Tebow win again. That’s 3 games of backgammon (2 with Julie) and all were losses. I had one chip left tonight.

The kids played way too much “Link: Skyward Sword” this holiday week. I am the one that brought them to Target to buy it last Sunday. Mistake.

I volunteered at the library again on Saturday, and may have been the only one. I plan to go again Monday (today). It feels good doing. If only it paid.

Just remembered I need to put the popcorn maker up. As much as I get on Mitchell about it, I better do it before I head up to bed.


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