The Day

I was able to keep my butt planted in my seat today and get some things done, without effectively ending the day until around 4:15pm, when I got a call from Nathan. I had a few personal things to take care of: stop these dumb COBRA statements from coming (and hopefully also end the benefit enrollment e-mails from coming as well) and lock in a gas rate for 6 months.

I have never lived anywhere before with so many gas companies to use and options for pricing. It’s almost overwhelming. I wanted to stick with the company I had been using the last 12 months, Infinite Energy, who seemed to work just fine. I don’t think it’s a huge hassle to switch, but why bother? One thing I hoped to do was get rid of a $5.95 service charge that they can wipe out if your credit is spectacular. I always thought mine was, but when they ran it, it didn’t work. I just did have a late fee from a Target card. Could that have affected it adversely enough? I always find it funny that those that have the most problems with credit are penalized the most. As I read the “The Big Short”, which is what I did this evening by the fire in our living room, I realized we are a country that really loves to take advantage of the disadvantaged. It’s pretty sad.

It was another quiet day overall. I am starting to wonder if my mail is going to some spam filter for some companies. There was no networking event tonight at the church, so I will have to prepare as best as I can for next week.


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