Reverse Psychology

At the start of my job search, I was told to get some business cards for networking purposes. Seemed like a solid idea. There were a couple different options given to me. Either I could order a box of 250-500 cards from, or I could buy some Avery business card stock for my printer and make them at home. There were two things that lead me to the latter. First, the person who gave me the idea in the first place mentioned you could tailor your business cards depending on who you were meeting. This appealed to me because sometimes I focus on market research aspects of my career and sometimes I focus more on statistical analysis. And considering how many times I altered my resume, I felt like I would do the same with a business card. The other thing that lead me to do it myself was I just didn’t feel like I would need many cards because I wasn’t going to be out of work long. Also, I tried Vistaprint early on and must have done something wrong because though people told me you only had to pay for shipping, I was getting charged for more. And shipping was going to take 3 weeks.

Working with the Avery online tool has been a bit of a nightmare. I think I have figured it now, it’s never easy. From the time I looked at Vistaprint to today, I continued to receive annoying e-mails from Vistaprint. In fact, I just got one today. After struggling once again to get cards to print out on my own, I finally bit the bullet and had free cards made and paid extra to move up the delivery to 7 days. In the back of my mind I also thought that if I finally ordered the cards, I wouldn’t need them anymore because I would get offered a job. If only that dream came true. But now I have my cards and they even arrived on Tuesday, in time for me to use them at my networking event.
business card image


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