Thank You, DirecTV App!

This morning we went to the 12:15pm mass due to a late night at the Skeltons’ house last night. I figured the kids would want the extra sleep. As it turns out, I was the last one out of bed.

Before we left for mass, I had intended to set the DVR to tape the Falcons game since I would miss the beginning. It wasn’t until we arrived and we sitting in the pew that I realized I forgot to set the DVR. I had to take out my phone to turn the ringer off, but as we were singing the opening song, I was also quickly navigating my DirecTV to tape the game. I was barely looking at the screen, just pressing the buttons as quickly as I could. All I know is it said “successful” on the screen and I popped the phone back into my pocket. Good ole’ Samsung Charge comes through in a clutch situation without drawing too much attention. My old Motorola Droid would have had me cussing, and probably thrown out of church.


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