Last week, Julie and I took a peek into the hall bathroom upstairs that Max and Mitchell share and were shocked to find the sink with a little standing water mixed with hair. What the heck was going on? On closer inspection, the drain was full of a black sludge that we were able to pull out with the aid of a screwdriver or Q-Tips. Nasty! I poured some industrial strength drain opener down the drain and left overnight. This stuff is so strong, they sell it in a plastic bag at Home Depot. They instruct you to wear goggles and plastic gloves when using, but I never do.

Both boys claim they have no idea what is causing the sludge. The odd thing is we had the same exact problem when we were in our house in Sioux City. Hair gel? No. Then why is there hair mixed in? It’s a mystery, but it better get solved soon because that drain opener is pricey.

In honor of the mysterious sludge, here is a little number from Trevor Rabin that talks all about it.


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