Having fun with spam

Every now and then Nathan and I get a piece of spam mail to which we feel compelled to respond.  About two weeks ago Nathan did one, and today I got the itch.  I couldn’t even read the contents of the e-mail, which contained mostly links and hidden images.  But the subject line had to do with discount forklifts.  And here is how I responded:

You guys are a Christmas blessing! No joke….I was literally five minutes from “pulling thetrigger” on a new forklift for my brother-in-law.  But the one I waslooking at had a cab that looked too tight. Low and behold, you actually haveHyster’s lastest model at a lower price.  In fact, dare I say, theseprices of yours are nuts!  Are you taking a loss?  Hey, that’s notfor me to worry about, right?


Anyway, thanks for the savings. How about I chip in so we can put a real big, shiny bow on it? 😉


Have a Merry Christmas (or should Ibe saying “Happy Hanukkah?”)!


So far there has been no reply.


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