Early Christmas Gift?

This weekend (including Thursday) has been a great week of football. Falcons destroyed the Jaguars on Thursday, and today, as much as I like Tim Tebow, the Patriots won, the Jets loss big time, the Packers will NOT be going undefeated (lost to the Chiefs!), and the Raven are about to lose to San Diego. The Ravens game isn’t a big deal other than it helps to get the Patriots into the #1 seed. But what would really be nice is if the Steelers lose to the 49’ers tomorrow. Then the Patriots would have the best AFC record. Oh, the Texans loss helped with that too. But, there are still 2 more games to go, so anything can happen.

On the bad side, I did horribly in the Pick ‘Em and I am guessing, having picked T.J. Yates and Jake Locker in Aikman’s Football game on Facebook, that I will finish last this week in that as well.


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