R.I.P. Walter

Yesterday, after playing/walking out at Roswell Park, we stopped at Petsmart to pick up some dog food and cat litter. Though we are in no position to be making impulse buys, Julie wanted to buy me a new beta fish to replace Captain Steubing, who Max tells me is still alive. (We gave him to Ally when we moved). So after a little debating, we settled on a nice, blue beta with white on the fringe of all its fins. The first named I thought of was Walter, and somehow we tied the name to Walter from “Fringe” with the description I provided. The bowl we have for Walter is MUCH bigger than anything Captain Steubing ever had, but from the get go, Walter didn’t look so good. This morning, I was informed Walter was dead. For all I know, he may have been dead last night before the New Year as I never checked on him.

Today I made a special trip over to Petsmart for a new beta to replace Walter. The new beta, Clive, is blue with red along his fins. And he is looking much healthier. I just hope Walter’s death isn’t a sign of things to come in 2012. I am going to chalk it up to all the pain experienced in 2011 and be hopeful that 2012 is much, much better.


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