Aikman Fantasy QB 2011

This football season I did not compete in fantasy football, which is nothing new, but I did play a game on Facebook called “Aikman Fantasy QB 2011”. Each week, you get to pick two “elite” QB’s (which are usually the top 10 performers from the week before) and then 2 more from the rest of the pool. But once a player is selected, he is locked for the next 3 weeks unless you have “coins” to unlock him. You can buy coins, but I knew that was not going to happen. However, it wasn’t until around Week 15 that I realized I was actually earning coins each week but getting my picks in each week. Actually, I didn’t know WHAT was earning coins until I just read it now in the update e-mail I was getting every so often. Never noticed that little tidbit.

I ended up finishing 1st this last week (and at least one other week) and 5th overall. Who knows where I would have finished had I been using my QB coins. Darn.


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