Christmas Review

This should have been written much sooner, but oh well. December 25th (as well as New Year’s Eve) feels like a distant memory. We celebrated Christmas this year with no one but us. My parents were going to be in Costa Rica, but both of them fell ill (colds) and decided to postpone it. No plans were ever made to get together and they are just getting over their colds. I heard they did make it to the casino for New Year’s Eve.

We didn’t have to worry about church Christmas morning because we attended the 6:30pm mass the night before. Grace sang in the children’s choir and we were to be there at 5:30pm. Even showing up an hour early, we were towards the back of the church. Grace and all the other children did a fantastic job. I was worried the kids would all be screaming rather than singing, which is what they did in some of the practices I attended.

The kids got to bed a bit late and it made quite a difference. I was astonished that we were not awoken until 8am! Usually they are in our room at 6:30am and we tell them no earlier than 7am. However, SOMEONE was up at 4:30am and went downstairs. All kinds of noise was going on and I had a terrible night of sleep. We all put on our robes and started with the stockings, as usual. I put on a Christmas music playlist I had finished the night before (50 songs total). The second song was the newly discovered “R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, which got a frown from Julie.
And for once, I had the video camera ready to go.

Roman won the prize for tearing through the presents the fastest. I had to repeatedly tell him to slow down. Some of the gifts included:

Max – Morph suit (grandma), bow tie, iPod alarm clock, Dali watch (which Max just told me today runs 4 minutes slow each day)
Mitchell – Mario Kart 7 (grandma), green sunglasses (that don’t look all that green to me), Skull candy ear buds (that he told me last night hurt his ears but he already threw away the packaging), comedy book (that he WANTS to take back but we bought it at Border’s, which went out of business)
Roman – Legos, drummer shirt (grandma – hit shirt with your hand and it makes drum sounds!), Perplexis ball (grandma), Portal 2 (grandma), Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book
Grace – American Doll (grandma), alarm clock, crazy straw, matching apron with Julie
Julie – Jacket, Land’s End clothes, apron, KitchenAid mixer (grandma), new pillow
Me – Simpsons Season 14 (though I still am back on Season 5), Whipped Cream vodka, NFL sticker book, Ticket to Ride Asia (grandma)

Plus there were some all family presents like the board game Dicecapades and Rayman Origins for the Wii. And we got more board games from family, like Tri-Ominos and Equate. We have managed to get through all the board games since Christmas started, most recently playing Dicecapades for a second time. Actually, Roman got a Lego game with REALLY complicated instructions that they were trying to play New Year’s Eve. Need to take another crack at it.

For Christmas dinner, we had spare ribs! Different and fun. I watched “Muppet Christmas Carol”, but no one watched it with me! Julie walked in on a few parts while preparing food. And the kids were too busy with new video games. Can’t remember if it was later that night or Monday night, but we also watched “A Christmas Story”. I rented “Scrooge” with Albert Finney and still have “Scrooge” with George C. Scott on the DVR. Maybe next year.

I volunteered a couple times at the library last week. Plus, we got together with the home school families for a potluck and to watch the video of “The Princess Bride”. Unfortunately, some of the voice recording was messed up and you couldn’t hear Grace’s line (as the mother) at the beginning. I am done watching it for awhile. I also met Matt for a long lunch on Friday.

There was plenty of getting up late last week, but all the fun is over and it’s time to get back to work. Julie is gone at a retreat with her homeschool ladies through Wednesday, and the kids are occupying themselves with other things than video games at the moment. Tomorrow we might just go to the dollar movie. We tried to do that last Tuesday, but “Puss in Boots” sold out and Max and Mitchell refused to watch “A Dolphin Tale”, so I had to bring the boys back home while only Julie and Grace saw the movie.

I haven’t watched but maybe 2 minutes of college bowl games since they started and I JUST remembered the Georgia game started at 1pm. Dang! Meant to tune in. 8 minutes left with Georgia ahead. Done writing for now.


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