A Bit Disappointed

Today I took all four kids over to Barnes & Noble to use $10 gift cards they got from Julie’s cousin. First, we unsuccessfully tried to get into the noon showing of “Puss & Boots” at the dollar theater, but it was sold out. Second time this has happened, so we bought tickets for the 4:45pm show. I had planned to go to B&N afterwards, but still kept to my word to bring them.

I’ll start by saying that I wish I was the one given the gift card. There were lots of books, games, etc. that interested me. I really tried to get them to pay more attention to the games, but we walked away with the following:

2 stuffed animals (Max and Grace) – Angry Birds and Toad from the Nintendo games
$10 Lego set – Roman (he received two rather large ones already at Christmas)
Mitchell – two Lego pieces! OK, they are the figurines, but I am talking the really little ones. Also, he couldn’t select what he wanted. It’s in a “mystery” bag.

I guess I was hoping two (or three or all) of them would pool money and get a board game. I even said they could bring their extra Christmas money and spend more if necessary. I don’t think any of them caught that part.

I can’t complain too much. I received a $50 gift card for Amazon.com from my parents and used $35 of it on music (CD and digital only).


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