Differing Opinion

For the first time, I saw a comment made on a review I posted on Amazon…..nearly five years ago! But as it turns out, it wasn’t the first time someone commented. It was the third. I don’t recall ever being notified of the other two comments. And other than the first comment, the people resorted to name calling, one person saying I was “a joke” and the other a “schmock”. Perhaps he meant “schmuck”? Either way….ouch.

The review in question was for Adrian Belew’s album “Side Three”. I decided as I write this, that I would listen to it once again. To be honest, I may have not even played the album in its entirety when I wrote the review. Belew is one of my favorite performers, but I really got into him when he released a string of great power pop/alternative rock albums: “Mr. Music Head”, “Young Lions”, “Here”, and most especially “Inner Revolution”, which is one of my all-time favorite albums. And I love his work with The Bears.

But Mr. Belew, as a couple of the reviewers pointed out, is experimental, and this is certainly true. As a member of King Crimson, he’s done some fantastic experimental work. There is certainly nothing wrong with the solo albums following “Here”. “Op Zop Too Wah” showed he was trying to meld the pop and experimental world, and succeeded on many counts. Of the “Side” albums, I really enjoyed most of “Side One”, but “Side Three” has alternate versions of songs he has done before and feels like it’s a bit of leftovers. And I described a lot of the experimental work as “soundscapes”. He is known for his guitar work, and some songs are more electronic sounding. I have 3 songs rated 4 stars on ITunes, so it’s not a complete lost.

I make it very clear in the review WHY I rated it lower, stating my preference for the “poppy” stuff. It’s simply a difference of opinion, and some people just don’t buy into that. It’s their way or the highway. Whenever I view reviews on Amazon, I like to click on the 5-star reviews and the 1-star reviews and I am amazed at the differences. But I would never go as far as calling someone names because I don’t agree with them. As a whole, 1 & 2-star reviews usually get less “helpful” votes by the readers, but that’s not a big deal to me. They get so many positive reviews that I really appreciate when people are willing to go on and give the other side.

I am on the fourth song right now as I listen to it with headphones. I am finding it to be better than I remember, so perhaps it warrants more stars. Either way, I just hope I didn’t offend Mr. Belew. Keep making those albums Adrian!


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