New (Old) Furniture

The other day Julie informed me that someone in her homeschool group was giving away some bedroom furniture. “Free” is the right price for me at the moment, and Grace has been begging for a new dresser for some time. After a series of moves, her dresser, originally purchased at Ikea, has become very loose and the drawers are always coming off track. We have tried several things (most recently wood glue) to try to keep it together, but I finally gave up.

The new furniture is brown while the old dresser was white, so it doesn’t look as nice in the room, but other than a few chips and scratches, it’s not bad. Max and I hauled the old dresser to the end of the driveway and Julie placed a sign on it saying: “FREE”.

While we were making dinner together (does not happen often), Julie noted that it was raining out and the dresser would get ruined. We hurried outside, and the rain was coming down HARD. The sign was ruined, but we managed to get the dresser into the garage safely. Of course, we were soaked, but both had on a sweater over a T-shirt. Remove the sweater: problem solved! Except for the wet jeans.


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