Playoffs? DO Talk About Playoffs!

1. Forgot Bengals vs. Texans was on. Tuned in 3rd quarter and it seemed the Texans defense was just too much for the Bungles…I mean, Bengals.

2. Lions get hosed when a Brees fumble is blown dead. Lions still get the ball, but went three and out. Otherwise, it looks like they were taking it to the end zone. Would it have made a difference in the outcome? Possibly. But probably not.

3. Falcons lay and egg. I can’t point to anything in particular they did wrong….just didn’t make plays and didn’t convert on TWO 4th and 1’s. Their only points were from a safety. Someone pointed out that the team that has beat the Falcons in the playoffs the last 2 times the Falcons were in the playoffs went on to appear in the Super Bowl. I REALLY hope it’s NOT the Giants in the Super Bowl. Hate that team.

4. The best game was saved for last. No one gave the Broncos a shot at winning. No one would have ever believed that Tebow would throw for over 300 yards. Both happened. After a long explanation of the new overtime rules (which I was not aware of), it took the Broncos one play to ice it. See ya, Steelers.


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