Fast Five!

About a week ago, when Julie was out of town, Max, Mitchell, and I sat down and watched “Fast Five” without seeing any of the previous “The Fast and the Furious Movies”. It didn’t seem to matter too much until we got to the end, in which a little scene occurred after the credits that required some knowledge of a previous movie and went right over our heads.

I watched the movie because it received somewhat positive reviews and while I bet it’s one of the better movies in the franchise, I am having a hard time believing it was because of The Rock, who I thought was pretty terrible. The movie had way too much machismo for me. It was dripping in it. There were a couple good action scenes, but a lot of it was downright ridiculous and it seemed they did a lot of prep for a heist but what actually took place was completely different. Maybe I should have paid more attention. I guess that’s the best part…’s so mindless, you can work on something else while you watch it and not miss much. I just can’t believe they made 5 movies! If it makes money, keep pumping it out! They definitely set it up for a sequel.

Oh, and while I have the “Extended Version” listed and it was available to us on the Blu-ray, there was no way I was going to watch anything longer than the theatrical version, which we did.


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