While I wasn’t pleased to find out the MP3’s I bought from over 4 months ago were not right, they addressed the issue quickly. The album in question was Sloan’s “The Double Cross”, and I didn’t realize until today that each song has an extra 2 seconds of silence at the end. While this may not sound like a big deal, it is when the songs bleed into one another, which is the case. I checked the song length of each against what it shows on and I am right. Fortunately, none of the other MP3s I bought from Amazon are like this.

I wrote customer service explaining the problem and within minutes I was refunded $5, the entire amount I paid. I was told the technical group would be alerted to the issue (but will they really fix it if no one else complains?) and I could go back on and repurchase it if it’s fixed. Of course, the price is now higher since I bought it on a promotion and nothing was said about getting it at the lower price. No worries – with the help of an audio editor, I am trimming off the extra seconds and everything sounds fine!


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