DirecTV Can Bite Me

This isn’t the first time I complained about DirecTV in my blog. But I hope it’s the last. A couple months back I had to go through the BBB to get an ongoing issue resolved. The BBB got on it and it was fixed very quickly. Back on 12/5/11, I had a technician come out and take care of the problem. While he was here, I was having another problem with a receiver and DirecTV had mailed a new one to me. He swapped them out, but 3 weeks later I found that I had been charged $250 for the reciever. On 12/29/11, I was told the issue was fixed an in about 2 business days I would see a credit. I waited a week, checked again, and still no credit. I called back. Like before, I spent 30 minutes on the phone, was told I really needed to wait FIVE business days, and it will show up. It never showed up.

I wrote an e-mail stating the same thing, and was shocked when the representative told me it had not been fixed and to give 2-5 business days for the reversal to occur. I could not afford to have $324 taken from my account, so I immediately canceled automatic withdrawal. Guess what? Today I found they somehow withdrew $324, leaving me with $89 in the account.

I immediately asked to speak to a supervisor. I have now been on with them for 33 minutes. Four minutes ago the representative told me that he was transferring the call. No joke! I would not be surprised if I am disconnected from the call.

Update: As I typed that last sentence, the supervisor came on. I am going to be asking A LOT from them, not just a refund. Totally unacceptable.


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