Recycling Event

As I write this, it is highly probable that there are at least 2 trucks up at Pope High School, and there are people still loading TVs, printers, monitors, CPUs, phones, stereo receivers, etc., etc. into them. But not the Pope volunteers. We all finished at 5pm. I was stunned by the amount of junk still lying around when we left. Plus, factor in all the glass that was all over the parking lot, and cleanup will take considerable time as well. I was told they would be working until it was all done, even if it took until tomorrow morning.

I arrived today at 2pm and immediately went to work, as there was no one around checking people in or telling them what to do. A car pulled up and I started unloading. And it didn’t stop….for 3 hours. I was amazed at the turnout, which is why they will have so much work to do tonight. We were very fortunate not to get a drop of rain during the time I was there because it was pouring earlier in the day. That may explain why everyone was there when I arrived.

I am a bit tired tonight, but I was quite amazed that I didn’t get pooped during the time I was there. At one point, I had to help carry a giant flat-screen, tube TV, just like the one I got rid of about 9 months ago. It was the worst thing I carried all day. They don’t even make a good base for those things. Next time I will know to wear gloves. I was happy to have avoided emptying paint, which was a popular item. And while working at the shredding station may sound easy, I kept looking over and seeing one of the volunteers constantly picking up boxes of paper to load in a trailer. Not thanks.

With a minimum $10 donation, I think the school collected quite a bit of moolah for the band. It’s a shame volunteering didn’t put more money in the student account. Maybe next time.

I did rescue this item from the junk pile.
2012-01-22 13.11.20


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