Nu Shooz

Did you really think this was about the band? Heck no. Rather, it’s about the mounting costs of participating in high school sports. Yesterday, we took Max and Mitchell out to a specialty running shoe store to buy them new shoes for track. Max had bought some new shoes while running cross country, but his coach told him that he needed new ones because he was getting shin splints (note: I can’t say I have any idea what shin splints feel like, but they don’t sound fun). Given that Max needed shoes, we figured Mitchell would too.

Going to this particular store, I knew I wasn’t going to walk out of there without spending $200. I was right. However, I will say the service was exceptional. First, they had them stand on a some device that appeared to measure where they were putting their weight in relation to their feet. Then after suggesting a pair of shoes, they ran on a treadmill so they can watch their running styles. I don’t know about Max, but for a long time now, Mitchell runs with his toes pointing outward so that his knee bends awkwardly and his leg does not kick straight behind him. He is really going to need to change this. Will the shoes help? Who knows. They also tried on about 3 pairs each until they found the ones that fit best. And while I truly loved the first pair Mitchell tried on (bright blue Nikes), I was glad the appearance didn’t get the best of him as he did choose another that was more comfortable.

At this point, I hope we get some mileage out of them. I spent a total of $400 just so they could do track, and mind you, this is $400 I really don’t have. So when there is a track meet and a band tournament on the same date, you can sure as heck bet I will be pushing him to do the track meet, though we spent plenty on band too. At the very least, he is getting in shape, which is more than I can say for myself.

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