Flame On!

Last week we noticed our gas stove was getting a lower flame output and weren’t sure what to do. Julie couldn’t cook anything on it. I tried making an egg yesterday and it took ages for it to finish. Since we rent, I called the landlord a second time to remind him that it still wasn’t working. Today a guy arrived and everything is as good as new. Plus, I know exactly what he did to get it going again. It seems a substantial amount of sealant on the gas line was clogging it. It’s just a matter of turning off the gas, getting a wrench, and unclogging it. Easy.


2 thoughts on “Flame On!

  1. PMaz

    I kind of have to agree.  But the shutoff is right there.  It’s not much different than operating our gas fireplace.  As for roofs, no thanks.  I get weak knees just thinking of standing on our roof.


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