RIP Whitney Houston

Just about every person I know on Facebook posted something about Whitney Houston’s death today, but when Ben Gazarra died last week, did anyone bat an eye? Just sayin’. OK, so maybe not everyone mentioned her death, but quite a few people.

Today I watched “Moneyball” during the afternoon with Julie. Mitchell was too busy playing his new Batman PC game and Max went to a friend’s house. Probably not appropriate for Roman or Grace. I read the book, and like “The Blind Side”, I was wondering how they would do this one. Well, there were many elements added to the movie and many subtracted. Not a single mention of Nick Swisher in the movie. And I don’t recall anything about Billy Beane’s daughter in the book. Nothing at all, really, about his private life.

Roman and I played a couple games of Chrononauts today as well. He beat me both games. Right after I acquired the card that would win me the game, he plays a card stating that we needed to combine our hands, shuffle them, and redeal. Of course, I didn’t get the card I needed back in my hand. You had to be there.


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