Streak Ended

Julie ended my winning streak in Words with Friends with a 13-point win this morning. Since I started playing it again back in December, I haven’t lost against at least 5 different opponents. Braggadocio? More like skill. 🙂 I had a chance at the end of the game, sitting with two “I’s” and a “Q” already on the board from my previous turn. I could have spelled “inti” (a word I have never used) next to it and finished the game, hopefully giving her enough negative points to seal the win. As it turns out, she ALSO had an “I”. With me having two, I would have never guessed she would have one, and that’s what I was banking on. It didn’t help that she started a game using all her letters, and according to her, it was the first time she has ever used all her letters. I have gotten her several times with that move, but never to start a game. I was in the hole 49-0 at the start, so I should be proud.

This morning Lee started a game using all his letters as well: 48-0. Here we go again.


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