Studio Movie Grill

Last night I used the free Groupon I purchased for an admission ticket to the Studio Movie Grill in Alpharetta. I would have bought two, but I wasn’t sure I was ever going to use it since it expired today. But I thought it would make a great Valentine’s Day treat. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I pulled into the parking lot, I realized that many others had the same idea, and probably the same Groupon.

I let Julie out in the front to buy the tickets while I parked the car. Good thing, too, as it took me nearly 10 minutes to do it. Unfortunately, Julie was not able to get tickets for “The Descendants” as we planned, and the only other movies playing at the same time were “Red Tails” and “One for the Money”. There was no chance I was going to see “One for the Money”, as the trailer looked dreadful. While Julie was in line, someone told her the same thing. She also told Julie this place was always packed. I reluctantly agreed to watch “Red Tails”.

Like Southwest, they had an A, B, & C line. We were the first ones in the C line. We walked in not sure where we wanted to sit, and I was even a bit confused. Each “level” had tables with two seats at each table and directly in front of it at the same height was a bar with seats. We first sat at the bar, but Julie realized the bar was a little high. I turned and noticed an open table behind us against the wall. Though Julie prefers to be in the middle, I actually enjoy being against the wall.

Though we had no menu, the couple next to us gave us theirs. We decided what we wanted, but it took us awhile to realize that we needed to push the button on our table to order. We were probably a good 15 minutes into the movie when the waiter came, and it was just like ordering in a restaurant….only quieter. Julie ordered a pesto chicken, thin crust pizza. I was planning on ordering tacos, and realized a pizza would be easier and probably less noisy. I ordered the Parmasean Tomato Basil. I was really hungry, and we were probably a good halfway in when the food came. By that time it was 9pm, much later than when we usually eat. It really hit the spot and was quite delicious. The seating was comfortable and the theater was at the right temperature. However, both of us noticed our calves hurt this morning. Out of shape? Maybe. But that’s because the seats were a bit high off the ground, leaving our legs dangling.

Overall, the movie itself was OK. I had low expectations as I knew it didn’t get great reviews. While the dogfight scenes were well done, once you have seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all. There were some hokey lines in it as well and bad stereotyping. However, I thought they did a decent job of giving the various pilots distinctive personalities. Enjoyable enough to make for a pleasant Valentine’s Day.


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