Cut My Hair

Taking a little advice from the band Pavement, I cut my hair yesterday. Well, not fully, but still, I have never taken the clippers to my head on my own. Julie has, but the most I have ever done is cut around my ears and the back of my neck, which always looks like a freakshow. The most recent haircut I got just didn’t “take” in my opinion. The top looked too long and the sides made my head look squarish. So I took the cheap clippers I have on my sink (that I mainly use for just light trimming) and set the clipper at its highest setting and ran it through the hair on top of my head. Nothing fell off. I took it down another notch and still nothing. But when I ran it along the side at the very top, hair started falling. Hmmmm. So I took it down a notch again, ran it along the top and where it starts rounding along the side, and then had to jump back in the shower. Much better. And I paid how much to get a haircut?


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