Parents in Town

My parents surprised us by getting in an hour earlier than expected today. We had just gotten back from eating out a Taco Mac (kind of to celebrate the new job) and then went shopping at Walmart. Just as we finished unpacking the bags, they came to the door. We weren’t quite ready as laundry was still out and the upstairs still needed some vacuuming. But no worries, as we never really went upstairs.

Though we thought about going to Dave & Busters with Jim, I had the idea of going to the Family Improv at the Basement Theater. Good choice. Every one enjoyed it, though I will say that I thought it was better the first time, as I thought the performers were a bit stronger.

Afterwards, my parents checked in at the hotel and we went home. When we got home, I tried calling them to make sure they found it OK and also to find out when to drop my mom’s pills off in the morning. I called three times and it went to voicemail. I tried calling the hotel to find out if they checked in, but for security reasons, they would not tell me. Guess I will know tomorrow.


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