New Clothing for Pappy

My dad was the one who got us out of bed this morning, when Roman brought the phone upstairs at 9am. In all fairness, I slept about 3 hours the night before and so I had some making up to do. In fact, I couldn’t stay awake last night to finish watching “Person of Interest”, and I still haven’t watched it today.

Today, Julie, Grace and I met my parents over at the Perimeter mall, which is close to where they are staying. My dad always want to stay at LaQuinta because of hotel points, and while there is one closer to us, they didn’t like that one last time. The closer one isn’t exactly close, being about 6 miles away. This one is more like 7.5 miles in the other direction, but a much better location. Really, there aren’t ANY hotels within 3-4 miles of our house. I wonder why that is?

I ended up getting some clothes at Macy’s as my parents gave me a bunch of money for my birthday and wanted me to buy clothes for the new job. I told them the new job is very casual, except when I have to go meet a client. All I ended up buying today were some belts which were 2 for 1 (though one was kind of a lot) and some khaki pants. I would like to get a new sport coat eventually. We then made a trip to the food court. And that was about it.

At the house, we played Five Crowns and this evening we played Sequence tonight before they left. I did something in Sequence that I don’t think has ever been done before. I completed both of our sequences with one turn. Felt like a walk-off home run. In the middle of all that, we watched an old movie (1973) called “Charley Varrick” that wasn’t half bad. We also ordered Chinese and had to go out in the rain to pick it up. I had the option to have them deliver, but it was going to take much longer.

We also got to meet Max’s mystery friend, Grace, today. Oh, and the cat got outside again, as he does almost every day now, and got very wet from the rain. Serves him right.

I know there was something else I wanted to write here, but I honestly can’t remember as I am kind of tired.


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