Lazy Sunday

The parental unit arrived today after church and from then on it was a lazy day. My dad and I watched some old James Spader movie called “Shadow of Fear” that was marginal at best and then played Sequence with Roman while trying to watch the big deal made about Jeremy Lin. He did look special. During this time, Julie and my mom were out shopping. We played a couple other games and Julie and I did get out and walk the dog. Then we all got together and watched a movie my dad kept saying the kids would like: “I Am Number Four”. Now I knew the reviews for it weren’t anything special, and it did look like a movie made for teenagers. It was better than I expected and I do like Timothy Olyphant.

Right now I am on Turntable, which I go to very infrequently these days. Someone on Facebook was in a room in which you play songs 2:20 (total time) or less. Unfortunately, there is no open seat, so I am just listening.


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