Last Day Off

I just spent 20 minutes looking for the TV remote. Darn kids leave it on the couch and it gets buried in the worst places. I am trying to relax before I must head for bed and get up tomorrow for my first day on the new job. Oh well.

I did buy a new laptop bag to bring with me tomorrow. We were also at Target to buy Mitchell a new sweater. The sweater we bought him for his birthday looked great, but the poor kid had bad luck again. Someone put it in the dryer and it came out looking like it would fit a 5-year-old.

My parents headed back home today. My mom was still having pain from gallstones, which were diagnosed a little over a week ago. We met them over by the hotel and ate at Sweet Tomatoes. With a coupon I found online, all eight of us had lunch for $53. Not bad. My mom has a pretty restrictive diet, but they had sweet potatoes, so all was well.

Speaking of coupons, but sometime between now and next year Julie and I will be going on a romantic horseback ride for two. I bought a “Groupon” for her for Valentine’s Day that said it was worth $199. I got it for $39. I have never been horseback riding. Ever. I have a year to mentally prepare for it.


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