Darn Astrid!

I use this app on my Android phone called Astrid Tasks. Whenever I think of something I need to do, I grab my phone and add it to my task list. I was probably averaging a new task each day over the last couple weeks. This morning I was shocked to find my list completely empty! I tried to do my own sync and it added some old Google Tasks, that I guess were separate. I wrote to Astrid, and they advised me to restore yesterday’s backup. I tried that, and only a few really old items (that I will probably never do) came back. Rock on. I guess it’s back to pen and paper

Today at work we had a standing meeting at our North Ave. office. I knew I would have to introduce myself by telling an embarrassing story. I got out of it last week because I was in a meeting. Three people were introduced as new before me and when the meeting leader asked for any other new people, I thought one of my coworkers would say something. When they did not, I actually volunteered myself. I told the story of when I tried to workout for the John Hancock stair challenge and instead wound up walking on what felt like peg legs for about 3-4 days. As soon as I got in the car, I remembered a shorter, somewhat funnier story about when I thought Julie opened a can of cat food, when it turned out to be a visitor’s potluck dish – tuna casserole. Oops. Sometimes my brain works that way, and I really hate it.


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