All Gone Wrong

Earlier in the week, I told Julie I wanted to go clothes shopping. Now that I started a new job, I feel like I have nothing to wear. But I hate clothes shopping, so I never thought it was going to be really fun. But then I never thought it would get off to such a poor start.

We didn’t leave the house until around 12:30pm. I woke up fairly late and Julie was trying to get some things done before we left. We decided we would eat out by ourselves, which alone was a special treat. But first, we decided to go by Kohl’s since they offered $10 off $30 plus a host of other discounts. Luckily, Kohl’s isn’t far from the house, because once we arrived and got into the store, I read the coupon and noticed that the $10 didn’t start until tomorrow. The 15% discount didn’t start until Wednesday! Julie wanted to check the clearance rack, but became very agitated when she found the rack stuffed to tight. So we decided to leave and come back another time.

We brought the coupon book we bought from the high school band and I checked it to see if there were any restaurants we could try in the book. I found a Mexican restaurant that was on the way to our next destination. Though they all have similar names, I was pretty sure we had not eaten at this one.

I didn’t get a mile down Roswell Road when we came upon a blockade and had to take a detour. We went from 2 lanes to 1 and had to loop out of our way. The whole thing probably cost us an extra 15 minutes. By the time we found the restaurant, it was 1:30pm.

But here’s the kicker….we never really found the restaurant. We went to the location, which is a strip mall, and I knew we had eaten at this restaurant before, and I didn’t like it. It’s rare that I don’t like a Mexican restaurant. But this place had a different name that was on the coupon. I drove all around the strip mall and there was no other Mexican restaurant, and so I called the number on the coupon. There were 5 locations all around Atlanta, so I had to make sure to call the right one. The lady on the other end was hard to understand, but she told me that Los Bravos and their restaurant, Los Agaves, was the same. When it came time to pay, I would find out this was not true. I had some very lame chile relleno – ground beef with cheese on top. That was it. We had to order drinks as part of the coupon. All in all we were going to save about $2, but then the waiter told us he couldn’t accept the coupon and there was no manager to speak with. I really considered offering no tip, but it wasn’t his fault. Was the restaurant EVER called Los Bravos? Did they change their name to avoid having to honor the coupon? Who knows. Don’t care. Never going back.

We got the heck out of there and headed to a new location for KG Men’s, a place I thought had gone out of business years ago. We visited it a few months back here and it wasn’t bad. I figured the new location would be even better, and I had a $10 off offer expiring today. It was not bigger or better. Though I found a nice suit jacket and a pair of khakis, I was really disappointed in the selection of polo-type shirts. Nothing. They also sell women’s clothes, and Julie found a nice shirt.

Since it was outside the mall, we headed over to Macy’s where I was able to find some really good shirts and some sweaters on clearance. We had to leave that store and go to ANOTHER Macy’s in the same mall to look at women’s clothes. Julie found a couple items, but I wasn’t able to get the 20% off Julie’s clothes like I did for my purchases. The cashier when I purchased just gave it to me, but I think the lady in women’s clothes had a manager hanging nearby. Oh well. It didn’t cost as much anyway.

We had to stop and purchase something for dinner and ended up in Walmart longer than expected. By the time we got home it was nearly 7pm. Long day and while things didn’t quite go as planned, I am pretty happy with my clothes. But ask me again in a couple weeks after they have been washed a couple times and the collars are a complete disaster. What’s up with that?


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