Ridin’ the Storm Out

Many people found their homes destroyed after last nights storms swept the country. I had no idea of how much devastation there was until I checked the new this morning. I was stunned by the pictures. We had a tornado warning here last night and the power was down for quite awhile. And when it finally went on and we settled in to watch “Person of Interest”, it went off 5 minutes later. We played Sequence by candlelight for awhile, wondering whether we would get swept away by a tornado.

I really thought we escaped tornadoes when we left Iowa, but apparently nowhere is safe. What really bugs me is when the weatherman says, “Go to your basement”. We have no basement, and neither do about 40% of the homes around here. And those that have basements are not true basements as they are not fully underground. It makes no sense. Georgia – either keep the tornadoes out of the state or give us basements!


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