Long Time, No See

Today we got a visit from Julie’s cousin Jeanie, who we had seen in a few years. It was actually not as long as I remember, as she said she was at our nephew’s wedding. I guess I can’t remember much from the wedding, other than the country music.

Jeanie is here this week for a seminar. She informed us she used to come to Atlanta quite a bit when she was in her 20’s for her work. But it’s been about 10 years since she has been back. She came over for about three hours and we just talked, mainly about how she was training for a marathon. I can’t say running a marathon is something that ever interested me, but when I heard she was getting up at 5am to train, I really lost interest in ever doing it. And this is in Milwaukee, where the temperature is less than 30 degrees at that time of day. Crazy. On the other hand, I really admire her for going for it. It may not inspire me to run, but it did inspire me to get in shape. P90X – I hear you calling.

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