Lunch Money

Since I started working, I haven’t eaten a brought lunch once. That’s two weeks of paying for lunch. Actually, subtract a day in which they put free food out after a meeting that I wasn’t in. Still, it’s time I bring my own lunch, eh?


3 thoughts on “Lunch Money

  1. Reed97

    Things are so expensive here in Geneva (at a bare minimum, you’re dropping around 14 dollars, and it can easily get up to 20 or higher), and since my wife is working from home, I figured it’s only fair if I bring my lunch. I gave myself a rule that I could buy it one day a week, and bring it the other four. There have been a handful of days where I worked from home, making it easier, but aside from one week where I bought it twice, I have been abiding the rule 100% since I made it. Pretty good. Now I gotta start making the lunch the night before…


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