Tracking Out

It took me over an hour to get there, but today I drove over to Lassiter High School and was able to catch my oldest sons participate in their individual events at a JV track meet. Overall, they did…..OK. I believe Mitchell finished last overall in the 100m, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. He knows he can only get better and he’s still a freshman.

It was a chilly night so I was happy to get out of there. I had come separately from work and had Max and Mitchell with me as we drove to get something to eat. I THOUGHT we had decided on Taco Bell, and I listened to the boys complain the entire way about why we weren’t going to McDonald’s (bleh) or Chick-Fil-A. When we get there, I find my wife is not there yet though she left before me, so I call her. She tells me she is on her way to McDonald’s because that is what Mitchell wanted. What Mitchell wanted? Who cares! They answer McDonald’s ANYTIME you ask them where they want to eat. It ridiculous, and quite embarrassing. I won’t be a bit surprised if Max brings his date there after prom. They jumped for joy when I gave them the news about McDonald’s. I better not hear anymore complaints for AT LEAST another month.

I can’t believe I ate their Angus burger. Ugggh.


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