Stock it up!

WR’s Brandon Lloyd, Anthony Gonzalez, and Donte Stallworth. TE Daniel Fells. Guard Robert Gallery. DB Marquice Cole and DE Trevor Scott. Safety Steve Gregory. Am I missing anyone? These players were all signed by the Patriots since the start of free agency. And I don’t even think they are done. Sure, these aren’t the most spectacular names, but I see some making an impact. The receiver position definitely needs competition. I didn’t think Branch was anything special this last year and Ochocinco….well….I won’t go there.

The sexiest signing of the day was certainly Peyton Manning. But Denver? Well, it confirms what I always said that people say was hogwash: He was going to sign with an AFC team to not mess up his brother’s chance for a Super Bowl. Maybe it can even be Manning vs. Manning, though I hope it never is. I just don’t see the fit in Denver: bad weather, mediocre receivers, and a defense that doesn’t quite match San Fran. Arizona and SF were the best places, but again….those are NFC.


2 thoughts on “Stock it up!

  1. Reed97

    I think that Peyton Manning is simply Mr. Ed. A horse is a horse of course of course. If this were the USFL, he’d be playing for the Birmingham Stallions. 

  2. PMaz

    Very appropriate he goes from one “horse” team to another.  And playing for the king of all horseys, John Elway.  It’s destiny.


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