Lovely Friday

So the weather was rainy and a bit on the bleak side for most of the day, but I had a late lunch with Julie and the kids down in the city at Figo. Delicious! She was down there for a rally at the state capitol. Afterwards, I brought her by the office for the first time.

March Madness is in full force and I am currently tied for 3rd in our pool. Baylor winning tonight certainly helps me as did Florida last night. But I have North Carolina going all the way, and with a key player sidelined, it might be a rough go. The funny thing is the person tied with me and the person in 2nd also have NC going all the way, and the person in 1st has Duke! How he is still in first is interesting.

Tonight we watched “The Adventures of Tin Tin” and it was entertaining. I think it met my expectations, but did not exceed them. I got really sleepy at the end and as I opened my eyes, it ended. I had to go back and watch the last 3-4 minutes. Since I started working again, I am really pooped at night. Go figure.


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