Library Sale & Mosaic News

I’d been waiting some time for the sale and it finally arrived. While working as a volunteer for the public library, I was spending some of my time taking donations and boxing them up so they could be shipped over to the site of the bi-annual book sale. The sale started Friday, but I was not able to go until Saturday morning. It goes on today as well, and I think the prices may even drop to the point where you get a box for $10 or something like that, but I don’t think I will be going over today. I thought about it, but I really have enough stuff to read for awhile. I have a bad history of buying books and never reading them, preferring to read books from the library. It’s just fun to browse and buy.

Also, Friday night’s big news was that Julie had a couple pieces accepted into a gallery show in Charlotte, NC. She spent a good part of the day prepping her pieces and then is going to personally drive them to Charlotte tomorrow. She says it’s cheaper than shipping them, but with gas prices? I don’t know. It looks like we might ALL be going back to the actually gallery show in 2 weeks. Need to come up with some things to do while there. Even though I lived in North Carolina at one time, I don’t think I have ever been to Charlotte, except for a plane stop.


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