DirecTV Faux Pas III

I really enjoyed the first couple DirecTV commercials where it showed a chain of events that ends in something bad happening. And though it’s not exactly new, the one with Charlie Sheen ruined it all. “Don’t reenact scenes from ‘Platoon’ with Charlie Sheen.” Now this would have been funny if Charlie Sheen wasn’t such a douche, but the fact that a company is paying him to appear in commercials really rankles me. And DirecTV is not the only company. I know there is at least one other company that has him in their commercials, but I can’t remember who it is. DirecTV stands out because of my past run-ins with them. I think I was really impressed with the new commercials and this could have saved them, but it’s getting less and less likely I will still be with DirecTV after my contract is up. I CERTAINLY won’t be signing ANOTHER term contract.


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