Pepsi Next: Risky But Worth It

One of my favorite things to order to drink at a restaurant is half-Coke, half-Diet Coke. I am not a fan of straight diet drinks and full calories is well…..too many calories. We have a soda fountain at work and I do the same thing there as well. When Coke came out with C2 years ago, I thought it was a great idea. But apparently I was the only one buying it. It didn’t last very long.

When I was working at Coke HQ, I recall someone mentioning that Pepsi was going to be making a lower sugar alternative. Everyone was surprised after the failure of C2 that Pepsi would try such a thing. What I was not aware of was Pepsi tried it twice before: 1995’s Pepsi XL and Pepsi Edge in 2004. Plus, another problem with these “less sugar” drinks is you get the worst of both worlds, having the artificial sweeteners AND high fructose corn syrup. Now I am starting to think it might not be such a good idea, but I have been doing it manually for awhile anyway.


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