The Escapist

About a week ago, Julie was leaving for somewhere but before she left she said something to the dog about going for a walk. When you tell Biscuit you are going for a walk, you better mean it. She may have had every intention, but something else called. Unfortunately, she let Biscuit outside before she left and even more unfortunately, the gate was left open. My guess is Biscuit went out front and waited for someone who was never coming. Fortunately, a neighbor found him and returned him to our home.

But earlier this week it happened again. This time I didn’t hear a story about going for a walk. He was let out, the gate was open, and later the dog got out. He must have been out a LONG time without Julie realizing he was gone as she got a call from a neighbor who said he could be picked up at her veterinarian. We have a microchip in our dog, but the information is out of date. So the vet wasn’t able to get our address, but he got our name and gave it to the lady who brought Biscuit there. She looked us up in the neighborhood directory and we were all reunited. Julie had to go pick him up though.

Between the dog leaving the yard and the stinking cat CONSTANTLY getting outside, we are bound to lose a pet soon. Thank heavens the rat stays in a cage all day. Hey….where’s the rat?


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