Just Me and the Kids

Yesterday I dropped Julie off somewhere in Kennesaw so she could go on a trip with her friend Maggie and Maggie’s friends. They are staying in some resort/hotel in Gaitlinburg and apparently it’s been paid for. That doesn’t mean she won’t be racking up other expenses.

So what to do with no Julie around? Well, not much change. I woke up about an hour later than I should have and didn’t take a shower until close to noon. I really wanted to go see “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”, but what to do about Grace? As it is, Grace goes next door and plays with her friend most of the time, which she did. But we also got a visit from Max’s Grace. As for Mitchell, he won’t stop playing that online game on my computer. He didn’t get off until nearly 1am last night and within 15 minutes after waking up, he asked me to type in my password. I told him “no.” Roman, in turn, was playing on the computer. I really worry about Roman. He has become the poster boy of why you shouldn’t let kids play video games. I jokingly say it’s like oxygen to him, but in truth….it really is. He never thinks to do anything else and he never asks what the plans are for the day. He fires up the Wii as soon as he is dressed and starts playing. And he doesn’t stop until I tell him “time for a break.”

Roman came with me to the grocery store (since he couldn’t play) and we picked up a movie from Redbox as well as some other items. Before I left for the store, I noticed the moonroof was open. Uh oh. It rained the night before. Surprisingly, everything was dry, except for a pool of water where I keep my coins.

When I got home, I ended up cleaning our refrigerator and a little bit of the pantry. After that, I decided no way was I making dinner, so I decided to take everyone to Chick-Fil-A. We also stopped at Yogli Mogli, which was part of my plan all along. Even with Max’s friend along, both trips cost me about $35 total. Not bad. I received a free yogurt from going there several times.

Tonight we watched the movie I rented: “The Big Year.” I quite liked the film for the reason that it was family friendly, very picturesque, and a decent (if not a little cliched story). it seems every comedy has to be some raunchy laughfest these days, and while I still enjoy that too, I found this to be a milder “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.” You won’t laugh out loud, but you’ll smile.

Now I am watching the Kansas-Ohio State game. Of course I am pulling for Kansas, but I feel like no matter who it is, they will get beat by Kentucky. But, you never know. In a time 7-game series, no doubt Kentucky would win. But it’s one game…..so anything can happen.

Oh man….that awful commercial for the Chevy Malibu (where the occupants are singing Spandau Ballet’s “True) was just on. Terrible.


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