Radio Possessed

Friday we got into the van and we headed over to the church to see a live presentation of The Passion (capitalized?) or Stations of the Cross (Catholic thing….I think). Julie wanted to go, but she wasn’t with us. Once during Lent isn’t too much to ask, though I probably would not have been aware of it had she not told me. Anyway, as I am backing out onto the street, Max goes to change the radio station, which is set to a Christian music station by Julie. But the radio station won’t change. I tell him to just turn it off. The stereo goes into the off position, showing only the clock, but music keeps on playing. Hmmmmm. I tell him to try turning it down. Still nothing. Weirdest thing I have ever seen the car stereo do. When I came to a stop sign, I turned the car off and back on again and still got the same result.

After we left the church, everything was fine again. Except that instead of The Fish, I got a healthy dose of Top 40 and rap. No one would argue that we have diverse taste in this family.


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