Doggins Goes Potty

Sunday morning at 6am I awoke to barking by my dog Biscuit. Since Biscuit has been trained to stay in the back of the house, he doesn’t come upstairs or even to the bottom of the stairs to bark. I am not sure how long he had been doing it, because he isn’t much of a barker. When I got to the door to let him out, he was really ready to go, jumping up and down.

Flashforward to this morning, except make it 3am. I don’t like waking up at 3am to a bark. That’s the time of night I expect intruders. I woke up to a single bark, but wasn’t sure if I had imagined it. I literally waited about 10 more minutes until I heard the 2nd one. I woke Julie up and told her I was going downstairs to check out what was going on. I didn’t bring a weapon or anything. When I got to the kitchen, Biscuit was ready to go out again. So I waited for him, and then returned to bed. Three hours later he did it again! This time I got smart; I sent Julie down to let him out.

No more Biscuit. Sleep.


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